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(This contest has ended) Shop Floki Merch Design Contest

This contest has concluded. Thank you for participating. We will see you in our next contest. 

Contest results: https://twitter.com/ShopFloki/status/1640805855573561347


Design original Floki / Valhalla artwork to be printed and sold on the Floki merch store.

Your challenge is to create original Floki / Valhalla artwork to be printed and sold on the Floki Merch store.

Your artwork must be an original concept made from scratch. While the assets provided in the google drive are originals, the contest was created so that those designs can be expanded upon in an original fashion.

If you choose to use an existing asset such as a Flokitar NFT, or any Floki NFT - the design must be expanded beyond the originally created item by Floki



Wednesday 1st March 2023, 8pm UTC


Design specifications:

Dimensions: max 12" x 12" (30.48cm x 30.48cm)

File format: must be PNG with transparent background.

Minimum resolution: 150 DPI (recommended 300 DPI)

Color profile: sRGB

For best results: avoid semi-transparent designs.

You can submit 2 variants of your design: Hoodie and t-shirt come in black and white colours, the design should stand out on either 1 or both



1st - $1,000 USDT (plus artwork on t-shirt and hoodie)

2nd - $600 USDT (plus artwork on t-shirt)

3rd - $400 USDT (plus artwork on t-shirt)



Submissions to be posted on Twitter; tagging @ShopFloki Twitter account and hashtag #ShopFlokiContest

In addition, high quality PNG file must be emailed to shop@floki.com

- It must include the 'design title'

- the contestant's twitter handle and user name

- the PNG file



Top 10 designs will be handpicked by Floki core team, top 3 winners will be decided by a community vote on [venue to be decided]



- Original design without copyrighted material

- Follow @ShopFloki, use #FLOKI and tag at least 3 people on your post

Submission post must also use #Floki

- No designs that insinuate price action

- No profanity, violence, sexual context or anything considered poor taste

- Participants may submit multiple designs but only 1 will qualify

- If your design is selected please note that Shop Floki will have full rights to utilize your design. As such, you forfeit any rights to the submitted design along with any remuneration that is witnessed in perpetuity

- Contestants under the age of 18 will require parental consent to participate in the contest.


Brand Assets:




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